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The Moon Studios

In classical perception, the moon has always been associated with the exotic, mystical and romantic. It represents dreams, an unexplored world... yet one eminently accessible. At the heart of it all, it symbolises a certain notional aspiration.

All of these values come into play in the art of film making. The Moon Studios is the sum total of all that you desire in Ad films. We are a team brimming with experience, enthusiasm and ideas. Even the sky isn’t the limit for us... the moon? Maybe! In every aspect of the film making process- be it TV Commercials, Corporate Films, Corporate Audio Visuals or Animation Films, we are staffed by professionals who have been there and done that.

We work closely with pedigreed directors, cinematographers, editors, music directors, voice over specialists and other professionals whose inputs are critical to a well-made film.

The Moon-Studios is a state-of-the-art Ad Film Production House based in Mumbai that has a perfect balance of creative expertise, technological superiority and experienced talent force to offer you inimitable Television, Digital, Corporate, Animation, Industrial, Product and Film production solutions using open source softwares and technologies. The Moon-Studios is adept at creating visual masterpieces to give wings to a brand and make it stand out in an otherwise cluttered market scenario.